BUJUMBURA – The U.S Embassy Burundi celebrated the 246th U.S Independence Day on June 29, 2022. This year was special as it marked 60 years since the establishment of the U.S Embassy in Burundi.

In 1962, the United States established diplomatic relations with Burundi when it gained its independence. Since that time, the United States has continued to partner with the Government of Burundi and support the people of Burundi in their goals of long-term stability, prosperity, economic growth, and the expansion of democratic freedoms.

Since 2020, the U.S Embassy Burundi had not celebrated the 4th of July (American Independence Day) in person due to the COVID pandemic.

Ambassador Higgins was delighted to celebrate this event in person with our honored guest, Albert Shingiro, Minister of Foreign Affairs, our Burundian partners, and esteemed members of the diplomatic community for her first time since arriving here in Burundi.

Guests included members of the Government of Burundi, civil societies, international and local organizations, and other partners of the United States here in Burundi.

The Ambassador acknowledged many NGOs and other enterprises comprised of Americans and Burundians, working together to develop Burundi, for example Kibuye Hospital in Gitega province, One Acre Fund in Muramvya province, and Amazi Water, which works in different provinces of the country.

The friendship between Burundi and the United States is expanding every day based on the shared respect of Burundians and Americans here and in the United States.

U.S Embassy Burundi looks forward to continuing to build on this partnership to grow the U.S-Burundi relationship and improve the lives of Burundians.